Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Buy November, Palette Tour

Welcome to my fun and quirky little blog in the great big internet. In order to finish up my No Buy November I thought I would take you on a palette tour. I will open my palettes up and let you all take a peek. I will admit that this idea came to me while reading a Z palette review over at El's Glossy Glam Blog. She is a darling friend and an amazing blogger. I would highly recommend you go tour her blog and see what she's been up to. 

So onto today's palette tour!  I have 6 Unii palettes and I absolutely adore them. I know that if I were to drop a palette the chances are much slimmer for the products inside to break.  This palette offers a lock that ensures that the palette is closed and can't pop open unexpectedly. Another thing I really enjoy about the Unii palette is that they come apart for thorough cleaning. We all know that many cosmetics can leave fallout and it's easy to give this palette a good scrubbing! 

Now that you're aware of what the Unii palette is lets crack these babies open and see what's inside! My red palette is mostly full of MAC shadows with the exception of the half circle which is a L'Oreal HIP shadow. 

Top: Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Vex, Retrospeck, Goldmine
Middle: Plum Dressing, Trax, Expensive Pink, Naked Lunch, L'Oreal Hip Wicked
Bottom: Sketch, Club, Passionate, Swish, Goody Goody Gum Drop

Next up is my white palette which contains mostly blushes. The three large ones are MAC and the Unii palettes are capable of holding the larger domed, baked blushes. 

Top: Breezy, Plum Foolery
Bottom: Giggly, I don't know, and Philosophy Supernatural Blush and Bronzer

My purple palette contains a mixture of different shadows from a variety of sources. Interesting tidbit of information, the Wet N Wild shadow that is half missing on the bottom row came from the I'm Feeling Retro Trio and it's a dead on dupe for MAC Stars N Rockets in the middle row on the far right.

Top: UD Blue Bus, UD Gravity, Mary Kay IDK, MAC Parfait Amour, Beautiful Iris, Boy Crazy
Middle: Flirt Gypsy Nights, L'Oreal Hip Wicked, Wet N Wild, Mary Kay IDK, MAC Vibrant Grape, Stars N Rockets
Bottom: Flirt Gypsy Nights, Wet N Wild, MAC Creme de Violet, Hepcat, Azuki Bean

Next we are going to dive into my blue Unii palette. This is a mixture of Urban Decay, Wet N Wild and a MAC Tartan Tale Christmas Palette

Top: Hijack, Crystal, Gunmetal, Bender, Cobra
Right side top to bottom: MAC High Spirits, Bows & Curtseys, Set to Dance
All others are misc Wet N Wild shadows
Next up is the yellow Unii palette which doesn't have much in it. Just a couple of blushes and a couple of shadows from the MAC Peacocky collection.

Wet N Wild Heather Silk, Physician's Formula Cashmere Wear Natural
MAC Dalliance (light), MAC Unflappable (dark)

Now onto the black Unii palette which contains all MAC shadows in shades of blue and green. The large ones are from the Peacocky collection.

Top: MAC Deep Truth, Tilt, Odalisque (lg), Dandizette (lg)
Middle: Freshwater, Steamy
Bottom: Shimmermoss, Bio Green, Juxt, Ego (lg)

Now onto my two MAC palettes. I originally had my MAC shadows in these palettes but I outgrew them. So, let me show you what I did with them. 

This first one contains the rest of the MAC Peacocky collection. I was absolutely mesmerized by this collection and fell in love with the quality of the shadows. As you can see there was an accident. :( Two of the shadows (top right) were dropped. I was able to put the purple one back together but I lost half of the brown one.

Top: Sexpectations, Paparazzshe, Spectacle of Yourself, Center Stage, Noir Plum
Middle: Top of the Posh, Tweet Me, Peek at You, Prance, Mating Call
Bottom: Crystal Avalanche, Moshi Moshi, Carbon

This last pallete is a natural or nude palette. Every time I think I would like to have one of the UrbandDecay Naked palettes (I own none of the three) I open this palette and wonder if I really need any of them.

Top: Wet N Wild Shadows
Second: UD Zephyr, Skimp, Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, Midnight Rodeo, Missionary, Bust, Lost
Third: 1st & 2nd Physician's Formula Canyon Classics, 3rd & 4th Wet N Wild, 5th & 6th PF Canyon Classics
Bottom: Philosophy Supernatural, MAC Lady's Prance, Philosophy Supernatural, Wet N Wild, MAC Rolled Gold, UD Baked, MAC Vainglorious, Yaby 

Now, a little update on my No Buy November. I will admit that when my husband and I were at Target we came across the Lady Gaga Fame rollerball. He was kind enough to buy it for me but I have not worn it nor will I wear it as it is going into my Christmas stocking. 

I did purchase the Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Celeb City but I felt terribly guilty doing so. To be completely honest, I was doing the nail look for my Gelous giveaway and I needed a metallic silver to complete the look. I knew that was the look I was going for and didn't have one in my collection. So I did purchase two of them, one to giveaway and one for me to use for my blog post. I didn't feel it would be right to give away a used bottle of polish. So there is my confession. I did buy myself one bottle of polish but I didn't want to. 

I will still consider No Buy November a huge success because if I had not been doing a giveaway I would not have bought myself anything. I will not allow this one little bottle of polish to cause me to think of No Buy November as a failure.  However, I did want to come clean to all of my readers and the other no buy participants. I hope they can forgive my transgression. I hope you enjoyed my palette tour and the follow up to my No Buy November. I hope all of my beautiful readers had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are planning a wonderful Christmas. 
  • Sleep is becoming increasingly elusive and it's throwing off my entire schedule. Such is life. This too shall pass.
  • I am very excited about the beginning of #BeautyCrown. We have a great group of bloggers posting their yearly favorites at the same time. 
  • I am thankful for my #BeautyCrown co-hosts. Jackie, Lily and Liz have become dear friends to me and I couldn't think of better women to host with! Love you ladies!! 

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