Monday, November 25, 2013

Bridge the Ridge

Welcome to my little beauty blog located in the vast universe of cyberspace. The thing that makes my blog is that I use beauty products to keep my attitude positive as a I battle a chronic neurological condition. I believe in beauty products that work and will always give you an honest review. Welcome and read on.

Bridge the Ridge is a ridge filling basecoat that creates a super smooth base for the polish of your choice. Bridge the Ridge is made by American Classics, the same company that makes my beloved Gelous. They graciously gave me the opportunity to try the Bridge the Ridge for free. However, I will tell you that they offered me the chance to try Bridge the Ridge as part of the launch of their new Instagram account. I am doing the review on my blog because I enjoy reviewing things and the fact that I received the product free will not affect my review. 

I always start my manicures with clean nails that have been lightly buffed with a file. This gives the basecoat a little texture to grab onto. Bridge the Ridge will smooth over any rough texture caused by lightly filing your nail beds. I apply a light coat of Bridge the Ridge allow it to dry. It dries quite quickly so this is a great addition to your manicure. This provides a nice smooth surface to lay your polish on. 

I will be the first to admit that I am rough on manicures. I can chip a manicure within 24 hours. I have a really hard time getting a manicure to last on me. I do a lot with my hands and I am not the kind of girl that can get a week out of a manicure. So the question is can Bridge the Ridge help me get extra wear time out of my manicure? 

I will explain that I tried Bridge the Ridge without any topcoat and manged to get over 48 hours wear without any chipping. This is really good for me. Without any basecoat I will not get a full 24 hours out of a manicure. With a topcoat I was able to get more then 4 days out of my manicure which is great for me. I really struggle with manicures because I pick at things all the time. I tend to pick labels off of products, price tags, and so on. I can honestly say that I have discovered my go to basecoat. I have never been loyal to a base coat before but I can honestly say that this one has given me cause to become loyal to a basecoat. 

Bridge the Ride is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $5.99.