Saturday, December 7, 2013

So What's a Violet VoxBox and What's In It?

Welcome to my blog where today we will be discussing the Violet VoxBox from Influenster. Just in case you haven't heard Influenster is a copy that matches consumers who are social media activists with manufacturers who want to create some buzz about their brand. Right now Influenster in still by invite only but I have several invites left so if you'd like one just leave me your email address in the comments below and will gladly send one over to you.

So today when I arrived home from my Mom's I discovered this delightful purple box in my mailbox. I had intentionally stayed away from all Violet VoxBox posts as I wanted to be surprised. I can honestly say that I am quite delighted with the contents of this happy little box. 

First treasure I found in my voxbox was the Goody Athletique Reversible Quick Dry Headband valued at $6.00. This is where I need to confess that my brain surgery has left my head a bit misshapen. They removed about an inch off the base of my skull and then put a patch in the lining of my brain. So the back of my head just above my neck is flat instead of curved. Therefore there is nothing for a headband to hang onto so they always end up just sliding off my head in the most unattractive manner. However I will use this for at home spa nights with clips or bobby pins to hold it in place. 

Next bit of merriment in my box is SoyJoy in Dark Cherry Chocolate which sounds like the perfect Christmas delight. This is valued at $0.99 and will be going to work with me. Since I iwork at a fitness center I am cognoscente of what I snack on while I'm at work. This sounds like the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up!

I then discovered this wonder can of Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dery Shampoo valued at $5.99. It is most certainly not my mother's as she does not use dry shampoo. There for this is MY dry shampoo. I have not tried anything from this line yet but I eager await the need to try this so I am able to review it for you! I will tell you if it is indeed refreshing. 

Initially I was a bit dismayed by the particular shade of 'Kelp Out' green I received in the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish; but then I remembered Chelsea's Christmas Tree Nail Tutorial.I decided this was the perfect shade for Christmas Trees. There for I have the perfect excuse to try her fun, festive nail tutorial. Just don't laugh if mine look like a five year old did them. This is valued at $2.49.

Last but certainly not least is the Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa Mask valued at a modest $2.49. I am very excited about trying this. If you have read my blog for a while you know I thoroughly enjoy a good at home spa night. I love to give myself facials, masks, deep condition my hair and so on. This sounds like a perfect excuse to have another at home spa night! I am quiet curious about this because it's not a paper mask and it's not a standard clay mask. It's on fabric or something. So I will be sure to take all sorts of photos so you can go on this journey with me. 

All of the above products I received for free in exchange for my honest review. You will be able to find full reviews of these products here on my blog after I have actually tried them. 

• We are home after spending two nights at my Mo's since the weather so was bad. I prefer not to drive long distances on snowy and icy roads so it's convenient to stay with Mom and Dad since they live just 5 miles from Boyet's work. 
• We got a lot more snow at home which about 20 miles from Mo's. We had a good 4-5 inches. 
• Boyet said it felt like they were doing construction on the building with a jackhammer when the 4.5 earthquake hit. It seems as though we have had 3 earthquakes in Oklahoma today. Strange!

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