Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beauty from Heartbreak

Welcome to my fantastic beauty blog in the sea of amazing beauty blogs. Cosmetics are my passion and have helped me feel beautiful again after my diagnosis. Today's blog post will be an intriguing tale of dismay and delight. My beautiful blogger friend, Rodneya of Neya V Beauty Talk, was chosen as one of the hosts for the Benefit Lash Bash Party courtesy of Ipsy. She planned her party to perfection. She had invited several girlfriends and they had indicated that they would be coming. The day of the the party came and Rodneya decorated, prepared fantastic snacks, set out the goody bags and she looked fabulous. This party was going to be sensational. 

Sadly, only 2 of the expected guests showed. Rodneya enjoyed the party with her 2 friends; but inside she was disappointed and heartbroken. Kindly stop by her blog post where she dishes about her disappointment and show her some love. Thankfully, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and decided to host a blog giveaway which I won!  Rodneya is such a kind hearted, wonderful young woman who has a fantastic beauty blog. She does in depth reviews and the thing I love most about her is that she is always completely honest with her readers. I highly recommend you stop over at her blog and read some of the delights she has written for us. Her YouTube Channel also warrants a look see.  I was absolutely thrilled when she told me that I had won her blog giveaway. 

So today I received Animaaaaaaaaail Call, sorry, I digress. I received the goodies in the mail today. She sent three lovely Benefit products. I have had a sample of Benetint before but I do not currently own any. So I was more than pleased to have a sample again. I enjoyed the sample but I have more experience now and I am looking forward to spending more time experimenting with this. 

I also received a deluxe sample size of Sugarbomb lip gloss. It is a beautiful shimmering pinky nude. Now we all know that this girl loves her a good nude lip! So this is a perfect addition to my happy nude collection. Just in case you missed it you can find my Nude Lips and my Pink Nude Lips posts here and my here. I am looking forward to adding this little baby to my collection. It has a perfect home with me. It will get plenty of love and adoration. 

The final item I received is Benefit's They're Real. I really enjoy this mascara and my birthday sample just died so this has arrived at the perfect time. This is a great mascara which adds nice volume and length. I will do a complete review on this mascara in the very near future.

Rodneya, I can't say enough thank yous for turning your disappoint into my delight. Trust me that these wonderful little babies have gone to a loving home where they will be properly appreciated for the beauties they are.

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