Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Do You Wear Makeup?

Welcome to Shalunya & Boyet a little blog where I talk about makeup and chronic illness. Occasionally, I also talk about Boyet's immigration. In this post I will be doing the "Why Do You Wear Makeup?" tag. The fantastically fabulous Julie and Ashley over at 20/30 Glam tagged me. I absolutely adore these two girls, their blog and their YouTube channel. They have some great posts going on so you really should go check them out!

Now, on to the tag questions:

1. When did you begin loving makeup? About 2 years ago during my return from a really dark place in my life, I began to understand how feeling beautiful on the outside could help me feel find the beauty on the inside. I blogged about that transformation in my post Why I Blog About Makeup. I mentioned how low I felt before I was able to claw my way back to happiness. If you are interested in discovering how deep the low really reached I highly recommend you read my post Living with Demons; but be forewarned. It's truly not for the feint of heart or emotionally fragile. It's not that a blush was a sudden cure for my emotional instability, it just showed me that the direction of the solution was inside of myself.

2. How do you feel without makeup?
I am going to be completely honest with my beloved readers here. I feel like a sick, broken down version of the person I should be. On average, I spend one full day a week in bed. Because of all of the conditions and symptoms that my body struggles with I require more rest than the average bear. On those days, I don't put on makeup. It's been a productive day if I've managed to brush my hair. It would be easy for me to allow those days to make me feel like less of a person; but, the truth is this is my reality. It is what I simply must do in order to enjoy the other 6 day of the week. So instead of crying over it I grab my laptop, clear my mind of negative thoughts and begin to pour my soul out onto my keyboard. Writing keeps me centered. Blogging keeps me grounded. This keeps me sane.

3. What do you like about makeup?
I can feel like a complete and utter pile of poo when I sit down at my makeup table. If I can manage to overcome the pains that come with every waking morning enough to plop myself down into my chair at my makeup table. I know it's gonna be a good day. I just try not to think about the fact that I might be dizzy, my head might be aching, my ears might be loudly ringing, my hands might be partially numb, my neck might be stiff, my eyes might see spots, my thoughts might not be cohesive, and this list goes on ad nauseam.  Instead I focus on the colors before me the way an artist would. By switching that focus from all of the negative things going on within my body, I focus on the one thing I can actually control which is my attitude. The pain will be there whether or not I am happy. The symptoms will wrack my body even if I never find my smile. They are my reality, I choose to make my reality more beautiful with makeup.

Side note:Tears stream down my face as I type this. Not with sadness over the hand I have been dealt; but, with total gratitude for the fact that I know what beauty truly is. 

4. Three Holy Grail Makeup Products:
Can this nude loving lipstick girl get through this WITHOUT mentioning a nude lipstick?!?!? Inquiring minds want to know.
• Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner - this stuff will wear through ANYTHING including tears.
• Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream - it feels great and has decent coverage.
• Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Smitten - It's a beautiful deep berry shade. You can wear it full on for a rich, luscious lip or you can sheer it out for popsicle stained lip. The Jordana Twist and Shine in Cranberry Crush is just a tiny bit darker and is another great option.

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