Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sunshine, Part 2

Welcome to my blog's humble abode. Where life is great, makeup is colorful, new and old friends are always welcome, and everybody knows your name. Oh wait. Sorry, wrong intro. Anyway, onto the purpose of this post. I was nominated by the ever so lovely Vanessa from Lipstick and Lattes (don't you love that name) for the The Sunshine Award/Tag Part Two, Dos, Deux, Dalawa, Dva, Ni..... I think we get the picture. It was also requested that I answer the questions of another young beauty Saffron from Saffy Style. Plus first time around I missed the whole 11 random things bit. So I'll pick up this round. 

My Randomness:

1. I can quilt.
I made all of these

2. Winnie the Pooh is my favorite of anyone, ever.

Just one of many in my collection

3. I love photography. Click the photography tab at the top of the page to see my treasures.  

4. I once dressed as Pebbles at work. I am seen here sitting on my bosses knee.

Halloween 1995ish 

5. I used to hunt quail when I was younger. My family has raised and trained Brittany Spaniel's as hunting dogs. Yes, I can shoot; quite well, I might add. 

6. It cannot be Christmas until this happens. 

7. I collect pens. They even have a fancy storage wooden storage chest. I can tell you where I got every single one of them, including the ones I stole. 

The orange one is a light up pen just like the one in Sissi's purse post at Beauty4Free2U

8. I took my son to Vegas for his 21st birthday.

My Critter, Brendon

9. I was in rifle corps during high school. 

I'm looking really serious. 

10. I was born when the astronauts were taking the first walk on the moon. Yes, that makes me old. Kudos to you that know how old I am without looking it up! 

11. My first job was as a magician's assistant. 

I was too tall to be the girl in this box. 

 Questions from Vanessa for me to answer.

1. What is your favorite type of makeup?
Mascara! I have blonde lashes!

2. What is your dream job?
My job at the YMCA is my dream job. My hours are flexible the people I work with are awesome. My members are amazing. I love everything about my job. Plus I know I am making a difference in peoples' lives.

3. If I could live anywhere, where would it be?
Split time between here in Oklahoma and the Philippines. They are both my home.

4. What's your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving. It's about family, food, love and mostly giving thanks.

5. What would you have for your last supper?
I hope I never find out. If I am planning my last supper then it means that I know I'm dying. If I am terribly ill I probably don't feel like eating. The only other option for this scenario is to be on death row. No thanks, I'll pass.

6. If you could have supper with anyone, past or present, who would it be?
My big brother. He died before I was born. He only lived 10 days and my entire life I know he's been with me; but, I've never met him.

7. City or Country?

8. What is your favorite palette?
Smashbox Master Class Palette because there are so many GREAT options!

9. Do your friends and family know about your blog?
Yes some even read it.

10. What's your favorite TV show?
I'm a documentary buff. So it would probably be America Unearthed which you've probably never heard of but you should give it a go. It's amazing. "History as we know it is wrong."

11. Who's your biggest inspiration?
My Mom. She's a breast cancer and double open heart surgery survivor. She taught me how to be happy even though I'm sick. She's always has been and always will be the reason why I'm kind and good. I love you Mo. She had to put up with me my entire life. I'm the pissed off one in the front. I had no need to stop playing and comb my hair.

Questions from Saffy for me to answer.

1. Why did you start to blog?
Chronic illness. I needed a way to get the words out of my head.

2. Describe your blog in one sentence?
Makeup mixed with a few life lessons and a lot of happiness.

3. What do you hope that your blog does to your readers?
I hope that my blog inspires people to be nicer to others and to themselves. Life is shorter than we expect. Love each other before it's too late.

4. If you could have two celebrities as your friend, who would it be and why?
Nope. Don't want celebrity friends. I don't need their chaos. But if I could spend some quiet time with one it would be Lady Gaga. This picture was taken at one of her concerts that I attended. She is the greatest at spreading peace and love.

5. What is your favorite book and why?
Tao of Pooh is my favorite book. I reminds me that don't have to be anybody or anything; I just have to be. I highly recommend it.

6. What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Don't know that I really get embarrassed. I own my mistakes. So I will share interesting tidbit. When I was 15 my bestie and I were caught out after curfew by the police. The brought us into the police station until our parents could get there. She and I sang 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and giggled about the whole thing.

7. Describe your life outside of blogging.
I work, I eat, I take meds, I don't really sleep, I meditate, I pray, I walk, I write.

8. When you were young, what were your dreams for the future?
I've always lived in the present. I never spent much time wishing for the future. I was always too busy scheming in the present. I was born impetuous and always will be.

9. Do you have any family members who are also bloggers?
Nope, just me.

10. What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Thank you for joining me in my madness that is life. Thank you for your interest in wanting to know more about me. Truthfully, I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut. Go forth and have a beautiful life!

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