Monday, October 21, 2013

What's the Secret to a Soft, Supple Pout?

Howdy! Welcome to my little hitchin' post on that there internet. Today at the General Store we're gonna gab about lips. Yes 'em, lips! Do your lips remind you more of the Sahara Desert than the luscious, green, rolling hills of Kentucky? Do your lips feel more like a cat's tongue than a passionate playground? Well, then it's time for you to meet My Favorite Night Balm

There is a lot of talk about all the fancy bath products from Bath and Body Works. Plus, C. O. Bigelow Rose Salve is a very popular product. There's also the occasional mention of other Bigelow products, most usually the Mentha Lip Shine; but I have never heard anyone talk about this particular product. A quick Google Blogsearch returns no results for My Favorite Night Balm. In my opinion, this is truly one of the best kept secrets in Bath and Body Works.

This little gem is pure gold in a tube. C. O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm is pure perfection. It's a lip balm that you apply to your lips at night before you go to sleep. I love to scrub my lips with either a homemade sugar scrub of coconut oil and sugar or even a coconut oil and a washcloth. Then I apply this balm most nights before bed. I'll admit that I don't always remember. I will tell you that I always have lip balm in my purse; however, if I am using this regularly I rarely reach for it. Usually the only time I reach for lip balm is when I am biting/licking my lips, an anxiety coping mechanism, or if I am outside for hours. This overnight lip balm really keeps my lips soft and hydrated. 

Yes the balm is thick, really thick. It's so thick it sticks to your lips really well. It takes time to soak into your lips leaving them feeling plump and luscious. This is not a balm that can be worn under lipstick because of it's thick stickiness. It would be pointless to use this as a gloss over lipstick. This product is strictly a treatment product to be worn overnight. With that being said I have never noticed remnants on my pillow case. Let's chat about drying lip products which are typically long wearing like Outlast and Megalast. They can leave your lips feeling dry, rough and scratchy. After a long day with your anylast, slip your lips into My Favorite Night Balm and let it do it's magic. Your lips will thank you in the morning.

I have a couple of other C. O. Bigelow lip products and I enjoy them. Truthfully, Usually the only lip balm I wear is tinted lip balm. Besides My Favorite Night Balm doesn't leave much need for a daytime balm. I have tried other overnight lip balm, extreme chap relief, medicated lip balms and so forth. Nothing can compare to this overnight balm. I don't know why no one has discovered this little gold mine.

I need to mention that Bigelow is a family name on my mother's side. So I feel a bit of kinship with the company even though there is absolutely no connection that I am aware of. Next, I will say that this is a product that I have purchased with my own money and will continue to purchase as it is by far the best lip treatment I have ever found. My Favorite Night Balm is available at Bath and Body Works for $7.50. Now is the perfect time to pick up a tube as we are going into colder weather which can be so drying.

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